Baseball thrills for your family room, game room, or man cave! Smack the steel ball through the outfield fence to hit singles, doubles, and triples. Jack it over the fence for a home run. Play in teams, head-to-head, and by yourself!

Hitting's all about timing, bat speed, and getting inside the pitcher’s head! Throwing a strike is easy, but pitching takes skill--so practice up for your next homestand! Learn to pitch fastballs, curves, sliders, even create your own pitches. Change speeds and catch 'em looking for a called third strike! You call balls and strikes and our smart scoring system takes care of the rest.

Ballpark Classics BaseballOur patented design is earning us a starting spot in the lineup of classic games. Get in on the fun! It’s great for the family room, game room, and man cave. Needs less space than foosball or air hockey. Stores easily, travels well for road trips and tailgating. Operates on friction and gravity. No batteries, no electricity, and built to last!

Hitting, pitching, walks, home runs, strategy-–it’s all here, except for the smell of freshly mowed grass. We’re working on that!

Watch overview and pitching demo videos on our How To Play page.



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